Who am I? This is a question I’ve asked myself maybe a few too many times. Often I run away from the confort zone, I dig deep because I want to reach high and widen my horizon, but this struggle sometimes costs me a lot. I'm a very curious person who loves diversity. I know for sure that I want to communicate with the world as much as I want to find out what the world has to say.

So yes, I have a big mouth and goggle eyes.


As for my career journey, long story short: I started as an actress and ended up a film director. In between I have explored theater, contemporary dance, psychology and anthropology, looking for an intersection between them. I collaborated with aliens from all over the universe and all of them contributed to my evolution as an artist. As important as the story is, my team becomes the project's quintessence. Mostly because I believe the crew’s involvement and determination takes the creative process to an outer space level.  


I shaped my cinematic language at Hollywood Film Institute Program, Transylvania Talent Lab and Aristoteles Workshop. My portfolio spans fiction films, documentaries, commercials, fashion and dance videos and photography. In my works you will observe an unique fusion of surreal themes with deep characters in a wild composition. 

So, here I am, prepared for a new journey, in a continuous search for stories that want to be told!